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One of the biggest gift giving holidays is coming up and cookies & treats are always high on the gift giving list…

It had me thinking about those times we want to gift someone something even if they don’t celebrate this holiday because no matter what people do or don’t celebrate, they shouldn’t be left out of the treat sharing right! So I came up with some cookie gift ideas to give or to sell (for the professionals) for those folks that don’t celebrate during this time of the year. These cookie gift ideas can be applied to any holiday. So let’s get in to it.

Idea #1 CUSTOM Cookies

These cookie sets are made custom for you. They are a great idea because these cookies can focus on a person’s interest instead of being about a holiday. If you’re a baker, I know adding more custom cookies to your calendar may be a stretch this time of year, but you can offer a small custom set like I did here for a friend. It’s 4 cookies of her favorite things. It takes the holiday out of it and just becomes a really thoughtful gift.

Idea #2 Cookies That Represent The Current Weather Season

During this time of the year, most people think of cozy things, so cookies of snow flakes, mittens, and hats are great. Of course if you’re in a warmer area, you might have to get a bit more creative. Maybe some mugs or something that reps your state. This could be applied for other holidays like Easter as well. Instead of Easter cookies, you could make some sun and flower cookies to represent the spring. Other seasonal ideas you could make are beach balls for the summer, leaves for fall, I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Cookies that represents the current season are great cookie gift ideas.

Idea #3 Cookies With Funny Saying‘s

Now these cookies are for a particular crowd, folks that can take a joke! These are cookies with funny sayings or maybe words copied from a snarky meme. I once made a cookie that said “I know you don’t want to celebrate sh…. but here, eat this” lol. I thought it was hilarious and thoughtful at the same time. If you decide to gift these, please make sure the person gets that type of humor before buying or selling those. Definitely don’t give it to kids.

Idea #4 Chewy Cookies

Who doesn’t love a soft chewy chocolate chip cookie or a soft oatmeal raisin cookie. These are another great choice because they aren’t geared towards a holiday, just some cookies people love to receive. So you’re respecting folks decision not to celebrate but also being super awesome for coming around with the good good snacks! Bonus points if you include some type of beverage like hot cocoa or cider.

Idea # 5 Assortment of Cookies In A Nice Box

Cookies themselves are a great gift at any time of the year so you can give/make an assorted mix of cookies. Put them in a nice box and add a nice message that would make anyone feel special. Sure you can get that famous blue tin full of assorted short bread cookies which are good, but homemade fresh cookies will beat those any day. On top of that, these cookies can vary in flavor. I know you will get bonus points for an assortment of the receivers favorite flavors.

These cookie gift ideas apply to any holiday or an event where some kids or adults may not be able to participate.

For the cookie and treat makers out there, it would be good to offer some of these neutral options as part of a pre-sale or pop up so you have something everyone.