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Torrie with cookie brand t-shirt

Hi, I'm Torrie!

Welcome To My World

Hi guys I’m Torrie C. of Torrie Made It™. I’m a baker/cookie decorator from THE Bronx currently residing in the South. I’ve been decorating cookies since 2019. It started as something to do as an outlet from some challenges I was facing at the time and the more I did it, the more I loved it!

I am wife and a boy mom of 3, G-Squad!! I love watching sports (Giants, Knicks), sewing, listening to old school music, making up songs while I cook and doing a bunch of stuff others may consider nerdy lol. HufflePuff!!

Cookies wasn’t something I imagined that I’d be doing but I fell in love with it and am now an Award Winning Sugar Artist! Outside of making custom cookies for others, one my favorite things to create are cookies that I can relate to. Whether its cookies that look like me as a kid, clothing I would wear or genres that I love. Those are the kinds of videos I share on my YouTube Channel. Cookies has opened a new tasty door in my creativity and I hope you enjoy the view.


To Contact me, email me at