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For us bakers, Oct. – Dec. or thru Feb. if you count Valentine’s Day, is usually our busiest time of the year. Doesn’t matter if your’e a hobbyist or professional, we are swamped with orders or gifts to give out. By the time the season is over, we are usually exhausted, have stanky breath and our hair looks like it’s prime real estate for birds to leave their eggs.

Well I’m here to tell you how I destress and sorta get myself feeling back to normal after the holiday baking rush. Here are my 4 tips in no particular order.

Tip #1 Take a bath!

It’s funny because you probably are covered in flour and haven’t changed your clothes in the last two days, so a bath is necessary, lol, but it’s also a good way to relax. Get you some epsom salt, some lavender candles, and play some smooth tunes on the JBL. It’s time to relax all those muscles you worked super hard while rolling, cutting, decorating and packaging those treats. Of course it won’t take all the stress away but it will allow you a moment of peace and a chance for your body to start recovering.

Tip #2 Hire a Cleaning Service

I know you just worked your butt off for that extra money and the last thing you want to do is spend a large chunk of it on a cleaning service, but a clean home will put your mind at ease… especially when you’re not the one that has to do it. Unlike what most ppl think, they’re not that expensive. This is where Groupon and sites like Thumbtack or my favorites. They have all types of deals on professional cleaning services.

Another good way to find discounted help is to Google some local small cleaning companies. They have sales during the holidays just like we do. If you book based on how many rooms you want clean and not the whole house, it can be even cheaper. If none of those work, hire your kids or some local teens to do it. No matter what time of year it is, kids always want to earn extra money.

Tip #3 Get Outside

Go for a walk, have brunch with your friends or go see a movie. Just get outside and away from anything that has to do with you baking. Give your brain, hands and back a break lady/sir.


This is the most important tip! Hey, you did it!! You survived a busy season, not only should you be proud but you should be rewarded. So give yourself a hug and maybe a pair of those designer shoes you wanted. Just don’t wear them until the swelling goes down from being on your feet for weeks lol.

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