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2022 is here… Happy New Year!

Now if you follow tradition, you’ve gotten your New Years kiss, you’re still going to write 2021 on everything until March and you’ve made a resolution…. Maybe.

I know for some people, New Years resolutions are a tradition of the past especially since most feel no one lives up to them. They sign up for the gym and don’t go, quit spending money on take out or impulse buying designer shoes.. but hey who wants to give them up. So people feel it’s pointless but as cookiers/ bakers, I feel resolutions are a great thing. If you don’t like using the word resolution, let’s try calling them goals instead. After all that’s what these New Years resolutions are about achieving, a goal. With goals, we think more about what we are gaining and not what we have to give up.

So in the New Year, what are you trying to gain?

Do you have a resolution/ goal list or are you just letting stuff flow?
If your just letting things flow then sip some more champagne and cheers to a great year but if you do have some idea of things you want to work on or gain, this a great time to sit and figure out those goals. Right now we have a small break in between that Christmas and Vday baking rush, so let’s get to writing. Now you’re resolutions/ cookie goals don’t have to be huge. You can make them small so you know you will be able to do them. They always say accomplishing small task build your confidence to take on more. So start with something like taking more classes, saving $10 from every cookie order to finally upgrade that mixer, starting a business page and getting off your personal social media page. if you’re the busy baker maybe setting a day off every week to do nothing.

A good start is writing down all the things you achieved the year before no matter how small you may think it is. An achievement is an ACHIEVEMENT! You take those achievements and see how you can build upon them. I will make myself the example. Last year, I competed in my 1st competition at the Ultimate sugar show and Won! (humble brag moment ????) so in 2022, I want to compete in at least 2 shows.

Be sure to Share those goals with someone you trust. These people or person can help you remember what’s on your list, keep you accountable to accomplishing your goals but most of all encourage you along the way. Us bakers are a village, most of us want to see you win.

Y’all wanna hear some more off my list?.. y’all so nosy lol, joking.
Well my cookie resolutions as mentioned before are competing more, work on my sculpting skills, opening up a shop page on my site, and hopefully teaching some classes of my own.

Now that I shared mine, feel free to share some of yours and let’s encourage each other. I’m rooting for you and wishing you Happy Successful New year.


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