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Whether you are a content creator or a custom cookie maker, I wanted to share some ways I get my creative juices flowing for cookie sets after I have a serious creators block. Now these things apply to all bakers, but I just mention cookies because they are my favorite to make.

A Change of Scenery

I remember when I was in a serious creative funk, I expressed it on IG and one of my followers said “maybe you need a change of scenery. You’re not being inspired because everything around you, you’ve seen before”. I took her advice and went for a walk around my neighborhood and noticed a new clothing store. I went inside and was immediately inspired to create this Cool beach set. Now for you, it may mean traveling a little further than your neighborhood. It may mean taking public transportation instead of driving, going to a museum, or checking out some small shops in a shopping district near you. Just go somewhere!

Sleep On It

Now I know this sounds weird, but sometimes your brain is blocked because you may need some rest. Getting a good amount of sleep usually clears your head so you can think better and then those ideas start flowing through. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but usually when it’s time for me to go to bed, I come up with some of the best ideas. My Zombie Wedding Set was an idea before I fell asleep. Now I keep a pen and pad next to my bed to write them down. I don’t advise putting notes in your phone at bedtime because after you jot down that note you’re going to end up on social media. Next thing you know its 3hrs later and your sleep deprived. So use that good ole pen and paper lol.

Search The Web for Inspiration

If you already know the theme, then you can do a Pinterest or Google search and see if the images for the theme inspire you. You can even look at other cookier’s sets to draw inspiration and create something of your own.

Ask For Help!

There are so many creative and talented bakers out there and a lot of them are willing to help. So I say go in some of these cookie groups explain your theme and ask what they would create. I see so many cookier’s get great ideas this way. The bonus with this is that you get to meet more people in the baking community and it also may help others that maybe stuck too. So don’t over think it and just remember creators block don’t last forever!